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Delta Spices Egy Company was established in 2002. To treat herbs, seeds and spices and export them with high quality, our labs process and produce the best products from our farms in Fayoum-Beni Suef-Minya.

Furthermore, our company proved its quality and hygiene by being qualified for TSE EN ISO 22000 quality certificates.

Delta Spices Egy provides their customers with the best quality of Products from all over the world. In co-operation with our growers, we do more than our most to supply on a daily basis as fresh as possible. We handle a very high level of quality and are constantly improving the quality of our products and services.

To maintain the quality during the shipment, packaging is very important. We wrap pallets with frost carton to protect the products from dust and fluctuations in temperature, when needed. All sensitive products like berries can be packed with icepacks and cool foly in order to keep the temperature as low as possible.

With imports from nearly all continents and extensive network of Egyption growers we can ensure our customers have a complete assortment throughout the year. Delta Spices Egy exports Herbs and Seeds to customers around the world.

Through our overseas desk we deliver our Products to almost any destination in the world, whether it is by boat, by truck or by air. Due to many years of experience in cross trades and thanks to our worldwide network of producers we are able to ship our Products anytime, anywhere.

Delta Spices Egy company. has gained its reputation and become demanded trade mark by giving priority to the client appreciation & satisfaction, by considering human health as the most important thing and by approaching the client's requests and demands in a common sense; adopting technological innovations and product variations at herbs , seeds and spices.