Chickpeas for export and import

Chickpeas for export and import

Chickpeas for export and import

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Chickpeas for export and import

Chickpeas for export and import

product Name :Chickpeas for export and import
Availability time: All over the Year
Container Capacity: 20 FCL & per 40 FCL
Season Crop: ALL YEAR
Paper Bags
PP Bags

Style : Dried
Drying Process : AD
Cultivation Type  :COMMON
Packaging : Bulk
Maturity  :90 DAYS
Size : 3, 3-4MM
Shelf Life : 2 YEARS
Moisture of Chickpeas for export and import :12-14%
We serve you wherever you are
Shipping of Chickpeas  to anywhere in the world
Chickpeas for export and import Health Benefits How do all of these nutrients contribute to good health? Let’s start with fiber. A half cup of cooked Chickpeas  provides a whopping 6 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber is a nutrient proven to promote both gut and heart health. Looking for a satisfying meal? Add some Chickpeas for export and import ! The 7 g of protein you’ll get from a half cup of cooked Chickpeas for export and import can help prevent overeating, making consuming them a great strategy for weight management. Another bonus: Unlike meat, you won’t get the saturated fat and cholesterol often associated with that protein. Beyond fiber and protein, Chickpeas  provide folate, a B vitamin necessary for protein metabolism, maintaining cell health and function and preventing birth defects. A half cup of canned chickpeas provides 141 micrograms of folate, helping you achieve about 35% of your daily needs (400 mcg/day). And let’s not forget iron! This important mineral delivers oxygen to our brain and muscles. Chickpeas supply non-heme iron, so be sure to consume them with a source of vitamin C to increase absorption

Chickpeas f are a good source of fiber. While one serving has 4% of your daily fiber intake, let’s be honest: Who only eats 2 tablespoons of hummus
Did you know that chickpeas area great source for copper? They provide 305mcg of copper for every 100 grams of chickpeas. Copper isn’t discussed enough, as it’s extremely important for your health. Your body needs copper to do many things, including making blood vessels, connective tissues, and energy. It alsy plays a role in maintaining your nervous and immune systems, as well as aiding in brain development and the activation of genes
Zinc is an essential trace mineral for our bodies, and Chickpeas for export and import are a fantastic source. A half-cup of chickpeas contains a whopping 1.3 mg of zinc. This powerful mineral plays a huge role in our immune system as well as the healing of wounds.
Chickpeas  are a great source of plant-based protein. In fact, they’re known as a complete protein, because they “contain all nine essential amino acids.” These amino acids are the building blocks of our bodies, helping them to function properly. That’s a win

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