chill pepper for export and import

dried chill pepper for export and import

dried chill pepper for export and import

product name


soğuk biber


холодный перец





dried chill pepper for export and import

chill pepper for export and import

Product: chill pepper – Moisture of chill pepper  : 1% -Verities: Sweet paprika, Yidu chilli, Beijing red chili, Chaotian chili… —-Grade of chill pepper  : A, B, C —Color of chill pepper  : Red –SHU(hot): 20, 00-25, 000 —- Crop: new –Shape of chill pepper : Elongated —-Super quality and low price—origin of chill pepper : egypt
Botanical Name of chill pepper
dried chill pepper
Season of chill pepper
Available all the Year
Annual production capacity
150 Ton
chill pepper  Style
Processing Type of chill pepper

Health Benefits of chill pepper for export and import  Chilis and chill pepper for export and import sauces have grown in popularity over the last century and are a common feature of many meals. chill pepper for export and import are by no means a new discovery and have been used in food and cooking for many hundreds of years. In hotter regions of the world, they were originally added to food to help prevent them from spoiling. The key ingredient in the chili is capsaicin, and it is this compound that helps preserve the food as it helps prevent the growth of bacteria. The capsaicin provides the heat and taste that the chill pepper for export and import and is also this compound that is key to the many health benefits that chili can provide. The chemical name of capsaicin is 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide and it a technically a chemical irritant, which is why is results in the burning sensation when it comes into contact with any tissue. This in itself sounds like a negative property but can actually have positive benefits and many health applications. The benefits of chili are very wide ranging and have many positive effects on a persons overall health. They have been shown to help improve metabolism and rate of burning fat, as well as contributing to weight loss (along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle!). Chilis can also help prevent food poisoning as their antimicrobial properties can kill a wide range of bacteria. While chilis can help boost your immune systems, thereby helping fight of colds and flu, as well as fungal infections, their properties can also help with many other ailments. The list is long and ranges from helping with migraines, joint pain and skin conditions to helping with eye health, red blood cell production and even preventing bad breath

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