Production line

Production line company delta spices egy

Production line delta spices egy

 Our plant, fully equipped with Cimbria Heid machines, disposes of all the necessary cleaning steps to guarantee a safe product for the food industry. The processing line consists of 3 steps cleaning
First step
We use the Delta 106 pre-cleaner with 5 levels of different sizes of sieves to guarantee stems removal and also a de-stoner machine to control all the stones and mud.
Production line of   Second step
The indent cylinder HSR 16010L, the best machine available to eliminate stems in the herbs and broken parts from the seeds, is used in the process.
production line  Third step
We use gravity separator Heid GA 100, the most sensible cleaning machine, which eliminates contaminants upon bulk density difference.
Final packing units are attached with a 10,000 Gauss magnet and metal detector Control Unit SMD2 to ensure perfect metal detection with sensitivity SS 2 mm, FE 1.5 mm and NON FE 1.5 mm.
To get zero granulation or TBC type, we use a milling  disk and hammer mill with 10 sieves attached with two 3,000 Gauss magnet.
Our new addition is the Buhler DA multivision colour sorting machine is designed to sort grains, spices, seeds, plastics. Its color cameras detect subtle defects and small spots, enabling you to target unwanted color defects and foreign matter to produce the highest quality product.

The herbs and spices that we export and produce from our factory and that are carried out by our production line

Our Products

Herbs :

chamomile, thyme, basil, Dill,peppermint , spearmint, parsley, rosemary, sage,Calendula Flowers, Hibiscuse (flower- tbc) etc..

Spices :

cloves, cumin, coriander, ginger, bay leafs,Black pepper,cinnamon,cardamom,pod,cloves etc…

seeds :

caraway seeds, anise seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, sunflower,seeds,

white Beans, Beans, sesame seeds, Dry lemon, Alfalfa seeds etc…

To watch a video about Production line, visit the following link