The sustainable quality required for continuous customer satisfaction is one of our indispensable principle.
The raw materials that are chosen and picked carefully from the nature are checked from experienced quality control personnel by doing physical and microbiological analyses and the results are reported and saved for our quality records.
The physical and microbiological analyses are done for not only the incoming raw materials, but samples are also taken from semi and final products after each production steps like cutting, sieving, mixing and sterilization processes.
With this way we can provide traceability of each products starting from incoming raw material from until the final product form that will be shipped out to the customers.

Thanks to our sterilization system with heat and steam all of our products are sterilized against to microbiological aspects without using any chemicals or UV process.
Beside of steam sterilization process our products are also treated with CO2 fumigation process under high pressure against to insects and larvae.
Furthermore, our company proved its quality and hygiene by being qualified for ISO 22000-ISO 9001-HACCP-HALAL-FDA quality certificates.