Cardamoms for export and import

Cardamoms for export and import

Cardamoms for export and import

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Cardamoms for export and import

Cardamoms for export and import

product Name : Cardamoms
Availability time: All over the Year
Container Capacity: 20 FCL & per 40 FCL
Season Crop: ALL YEAR
Packing of Cardamoms
Paper Bags
PP Bags
Shipping to anywhere in the world
1. Product description Cardamoms  (or cardamon) is a tropical plant of the ginger family Zingiberaceae. The spice refers to a range of plants in the Elettaria (small cardamom) and Amomum (large cardamom) genera. Both types are imported to Europe. Small Cardamoms  , Elettaria cardamomum Maton, is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Spices’. Its pods are small with a light green colour. Black or large cardamom, Amomum subulatum, is recognised by larger pods of a dark brown colour. Guatemala and India are the main Cardamoms for export and import   producers worldwide. Guatemala only produces small cardamom, while India produces both types. Other producing countries are Nepal, Indonesia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Laos, Bhutan and Malaysia, and there are other smaller producers. Ethiopia produces Korerima (known as Ethopian Cardamoms for export and import or false cardamom), whose botanical name is Aframomum corrorima; its seeds are black or brown. Cardamoms for export and import is one of the world’s most expensive spices, surpassed only by saffron and vanilla. It is mainly used in ethnic cuisine (Indian and Middle Eastern) and health products

This factsheet only focuses on dried, whole, and ground Cardamoms  used as a spice in food. The data used for this study are based on the following Harmonized System codes: 0908.31: whole Cardamoms  0908.32: crushed or ground Cardamoms  Germany: largest cardamom importer and European spice hub Germany is the largest importer of cardamom in Europe, accounting for nearly 25% of total imports. In 2021, imports totalled €20 million or 1,214 tonnes. A high share of these imports is sourced in developing countries, reaching 95% in 2021. Guatemala was by the far the main supplier, at 80% of total imports in 2021, followed by Tanzania (6.3%) and India (5.2%)
Green Cardamom :
( belongs to the plant family of Zingiberacea ) mainly Cultivated in Guatemala and India. Currently, Guatemala is considered the World’s Largest Producer of Cardamom after egypt
Specifications of Standard Quality Big Cardamom From Egypt
Organic Extraneous Matter:
4 % Max of Cardamoms for export and import
Inorganic Extraneous Matter:
1 % Max of Cardamoms
Immature Shriveled & Insect Damaged Capsules:
5 % Max
Empty and Malformed Capsules:
8 % Max
Mass in g/l
300 g/l Min
12 % Max
Total Ash
8 % Max
Acid Insoluble Ash
2 % Max
Volatile Oil (ml / 100gm)
1 % Min

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