Pomegranate peel for export and import

Pomegranate peel for export and import

Pomegranate peel for export and import


Pomegranate peel




Pelure de grenade


Кожура граната

Pomegranate peel for export and import

                                               Pomegranate peel for export and import

product Name
Pomegranate peel
Availability time: All over the Year
Container Capacity: 20 FCL & per 40 FCL
Season Crop: ALL YEAR
Dry Pomegranate Peel Dry Pomegranate Peel / Shell Pomegranate / Pomegranate Dried Peel / Dried Pomegranate Skin / Pure Pomegranate Powder / Dried Pomegranate Powder / Pomegranate Powder / Skin of Pomegranate / Pomegranate Skin / Pomegranate Rind / Pomegranate Husk / Dried Pomegranate Peel / Pomegranate Peel Pomegranate Family: Lythraceae Pomegranate
Botanical name of Pomegranate peel  : Punica granatum

Form: Whole peel or Powder
Origin: Egypt
Hs Code: 08130000
Packing of Pomegranate peel  : 20 kg pp bags

The healthy benefits of Pomegranate peel for export and import
1) Pomegranate peel for export and import peels help to protect the skin from bacteria and other infections due to their antioxidant properties. So that, it can be used to treat acne, pimples, and rashes.
2) Pomegranate peel for export and import  have a great ability to expel toxins from the body due to their rich content of antioxidants which work to detoxify the body.
3) Extracts and seed oil of Pomegranate can protect from wrinkles and aging. It can promote the growth of cells by providing the synthesis of procollagen and preventing enzymes from breaking down at the normal rate of collagen. This process helps to delay the symptoms of aging and maintain the freshness of the skin.
4) Powder of pomegranate peels is a very effective alternative remedy in the treatment of sore throats and coughs

May have cancer-fighting properties (5
Pomegranate peels contain high amounts of punicalagin, a polyphenol that has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in some test-tube studies
In one such study, pomegranate peel extract was found to be a promising treatment for prostate cancer because of its ability to induce the death of cancer cells
In breast, oral, and colon cancer cells, pomegranate has shown to have an anti-proliferative effect, which means it helps to slow or stop the spread of cancer cells.
Additionally, research suggests that pomegranate peel may be beneficial for liver cancer and have liver-protecting properties, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants

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